Body Sculpting Glendale

Take one step closer toward your goal body by working with a certified body studio professional focusing on non-invasive non-surgical procedures! Soul Body Studio is your Glendale destination when it comes to working with a certified team dedicated to safe and natural body enhancement. We work with the most refined low-level laser procedures that have been proven to bring about successful results without pain or unnecessary recovery times. Whether you are looking for a skin tightening treatment in Glendale or even a cellulite removal service in Glendale, you can call our studio to learn more about the treatment services we offer.


Why Soul Body Studio?

In this age, it may seem that surgical procedures may be the only effective treatment when it comes to further boosting your body or getting rid of unwanted fat and other common bodily concerns. Soul Body Studio was founded on the basis of offering unbeatable results in fat cell reduction, anti-aging help, face toning, cellulite, and muscle toning. We focus on shrinking fat cells in the body, also allowing clients to sculpt their body and other targeted areas without having to undergo invasive procedures. Our focus is on helping you look and feel your absolute best! Whether you are looking for an effective acne scarring treatment or to achieve a Glendale butt lift treatment, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Soul Body Studio Treatments To Get Rid Of Fat And Tighten Skin

What if you could feel confident in your body, without having to undergo surgery or deal with pain and a long recovery time? Soul Body Studio is dedicated to providing treatment options that targets unwanted fat and improves signs of aging without even having to make a single incision. We are a Glendale face and body studio that looks to give anyone who walks through our doors a boost in their self-esteem and the dream body and face they’ve been wishing for! We have spent a long time making sure to perfect our treatments for safety and results you will notice every single time.

What treatment option are you looking for? How can you get even closer to the body you’ve been wanting? At Soul Body Studio, we offer services that can target a variety of problem areas throughout the face and body. These treatments are non-invasive and offer minimal pain and discomfort. Our treatment options include:

Cryo T-Shock Therapy

Cryo T-Shock Therapy is considered both a cryogenic treatment and thermogenic treatment that uses alternating temperatures to kill body fat. This form of treatment is favored by many Glendale clients who pay us a visit because it also aids in helping get rid of cellulite and tighten skin. Undergoing a Cryo T-Shock treatment in Glendale stimulates collagen and elastin production, while preserving non-fats cells as well. Contact Soul Body Studio now to learn more about this treatment and what it can do for you!

Zerona Laser

Zerona Laser therapy is the best fat reduction laser for body contouring. When that stubborn problem area of fat just won’t go away, Zerona laser treatment may be the answer! How does the Zerona Laser work? The treatment works by creating holes in fat cells, which then drain those fat cells and cause shrinkage. This non-invasive fat loss treatment doesn’t just better your body image, but your health as well, as there is no secret that you can lower high cholesterol by fat loss. Get a Zerona Laser treatment in Glendale with Soul Body Studio, and watch the magic happen!


Fiber Plasma

Are you interested in giving your skin a youthful appearance without having to go through surgical experience? A plasma fibroblast treatment may be just what you need. This non-invasive treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, can help remove brown spots, will reduce scarring from acne or other occurances, and even tighten loose skin.If you are looking to tighten eyelids for a fresh boost to your face, minimize your 11’s, jowls or tighten your neck,a Glendale Fiber Plasma treatment can successfully lift upper or lower eyelids.

Butt Lifts

Boost your natural curves with a butt lift service in Glendale. How does Soul Body Studio do it? We use EMS+ energy to stimulate muscles that usually aren’t reached in your typical workout. This stimulates natural muscle growth. Is there any benefit when you get a butt lift? There are actually many benefits, whether it comes to your body or your self image! When you get a butt lift service, you make the shape of your butt more symmetrical, reduce the impact of aging on your butt and obtain a more youthful appearance, and you improve your body’s distribution—all while taking advantage of your natural curves.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

When it comes to an electric muscle stimulation service, you can further improve your muscle tone and increase your athletic appearance! This treatment uses electrical currents to stimulate muscle and ultimately improve muscle strength. Benefits of this treatment include increased athletic performance and aerobic capacity, which means your muscles are getting oxygen, blood, and nutrients galore. Whether you’re an athlete or a sports novice, you can benefit from electric muscle stimulation.


Call Soul Body Studio For Glendale Treatments!

At Soul Body Studio, we believe your dream body is attainable through a safe and modern treatment. Our body studio offers a variety of services that can sculpt, tone, and target those stubborn problem areas that may have seemed impossible to deal with earlier. Our methods have been carefully refined, and we are proud to work as a certified team that will safely handle your treatment so you can get back to your life with complete ease. If you are looking for non-invasive pain free treatments to be one step closer to the body you’ve been dreaming of, we’ll help you get there. Contact Soul Body Studio today to learn more about our Glendale treatments! With Soul Body Studio, you’ll be amazed at the results, not just with your body, but with your body image as well!