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At Soul Body Studio, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the body you want. Kill body fat, tighten skin, and feel your best with the help of our non-invasive treatments formulated to help you get your body and confidence back. Clients are happy to work with our professional team because we aren’t afraid to take a more modern and sound approach when it comes to helping get rid of fat that may seem too stubborn, or enhance and tone the waist, hips, legs, and other parts of your body that may have become your ‘problem’ area. Our Pasadena studio looks forward to helping you safely obtain the body of your dreams!


Non-Invasive Fat loss Treatment Options In Pasadena

We specialize in non-surgical treatments that will aid you in coming one step closer to the toned and sculpted waist, thighs, calves, and stomach you’ve been aiming for. If you have struggled with getting toned, losing a couple inches, or want to be able to gain a more youthful appearance to your face, turn to the helpful professionals at Soul Body Studio. We’ve put in the work to perfect and further study safe and alternative techniques for fat loss, cellulite removal, and other skin tightening and contouring treatments that have been deemed completely safe and non-invasive. Many of these treatments will be done in a timely and pain-free manner, so you can get back to your daily routines feeling 100% in no time!

How can Soul Body Studio help you on your journey to feeling and looking amazing today? At Soul Body Studio, we’re on a mission to help you feel and look your best without having to undergo a surgical procedure. We offer a variety of treatments that can better how you feel in your skin, and can further benefit your health and lifestyle choices. Browse our services to find the one you are looking for. Treatment options include:

Cryo T-Shock Therapy

Cryo T-Shock therapy can be used anywhere on the body to target fat and cellulite, while tightening loose skin. This cryogenic treatment is non-invasive and has minimal discomfort, being able to tone the body and face while alternating between hot and cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat. Cryo T-Shock therapy also stimulates collagen and elastin production while preserving non-fat cells, allowing skin to firm up.This highly acclaimed treatment is not only effective, but is also much less costly than other treatments with better results. Pay us a visit to learn more about this thermogenic treatment and cellulite removal service in Pasadena, including the benefits, such as the ability to lower high cholesterol by fat loss!


Zerona Laser

For Zerona Laser treatment in Pasadena, visit the team at Soul Body Studio. Zerona laser therapy is used for non-invasive body contouring to get inches off your body without surgery, and is regarded as the best shrinkage laser treatment for effectiveness and convenience. This treatment is successful and works on the most stubborn fat by using low-level laser technology. It is no secret that Zerona laser therapy can help improve your body image in no time, allowing you to look and feel confident in your body without having to deal with the repercussions of any surgeries. How does the Zerona Laser work? It creates an opening in the fat cells located in the body, which then allows liquid inside to drain, resulting in shrinkage of the cell.


Fiber Plasma

Fiber plasma treatment (also known as plasma fibroblast treatment) is a non-invasive treatment that can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and may also tighten loose skin. Pasadena fiber plasma treatment is successful in helping to remove brown spots and is also an effective acne scarring treatment, providing a solution reducing fine lines and wrinkles, without undergoing a painful laser treatment. For a deep line reduction treatment in Pasadena, you can tighten upper and lower eyelids by letting Soul Body Studio take care of you with attention, care, and detail to your unique needs and what you’re looking for. An additional benefit of a plasma fibroblast is that it can also tighten eyelids, whether you are looking to tighten upper or lower eyelids.


Butt Lifts

Are you looking to get a butt lift without involving the unnecessary surgery or pain that comes with many standard procedures? A Pasadena butt lift treatment by a certified studio with years of experience is yours when you work with our team. We use EMS+ (electric muscle stimulation) Cryo T-Shock to stimulate muscles that aren’t typically reached in a normal workout, helping to promote natural muscle growth. This completely easy and non-invasive butt lift service in Pasadena is free of pain and boasts a variety of benefits, such as improving the shape of your butt and making it more symmetrical, adding definition to the butt, reducing aging impact, and improving your body’s distribution while taking advantage of your natural curves.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

An electric muscle stimulation service is a treatment that can improve muscle strength and tone the body without the need for surgical intervention.This treatment uses the power of electrical currents to stimulate your muscles and improve your overall aesthetic appearance. What benefits can EMS have for you? You may see an increase of muscle strength (even in athletes), enhanced athletic performance, increased aerobic capacity and toning, and of course an increase in your overall confidence. Without the need for a recovery period, you don’t have to wait to return to work or other activities. Get toned and get right back to it!


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If you are looking intoCryo T-Shock, Zerona laser treatment,or a butt lift service, in Pasadena, call Soul Body Studio. We are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide people with the dream body they’ve been looking for! Our procedures are non-invasive, pain-free, and will leave you feeling absolutely amazing with the results. Get rid of cellulite, remove acne scarring,deminish fine lines, tone your body or remove unwanted body fat, and take one step closer to the body you deserve. Contact Soul Body Studio today to learn more about our services in Pasadena!