South Burbank Body Sculping

In this Modern Age, it’s no secret that surgical procedures are often seen as the only option to boost and sculpt your body. What if there were more natural treatments to aid in fat loss and anti-aging that didn’t require painful surgeries or recovery time? Soul Body Studio is the team you can turn to for a variety of non-invasive treatments to sculpt, get rid of fat, better your appearance, and have your confidence at an all-time high! If you’re not interested in surgery, we have the options for you. Our treatments have long been developed and tested to show the most favorable results.


Soul Body Studio Treatment Options To Kill Body Fat

Get the body you’ve been wanting without a single incision. Soul Body Studio is committed to helping clients achieve the body they’ve been dreaming of, and the accompanying body confidence and self-esteem boost as well! Our professionals are certified to help with a variety of treatments that address fat loss, cellulite, loose skin, and other conditions that may leave you feeling a bit self-conscious. These techniques have been refined and proven to show real results! Every treatment offers benefits that go past your aesthetic appearance, and you can be reassured we will always work with your best interests in mind.

Don’t delay, get closer to your goal body today! How can Soul Body Studio help you? Our treatment options include:

Cryo T-Shock Therapy

Cryo T-Shock Therapy is both a cryogenic treatment and thermogenic treatment. This treatment works on any area of the body, and targets fat, cellulite, and loose skin. A Cryo T-shock treatment in South Burbank from Soul Body Studio is always non-invasive and with minimal pain and discomfort. Non-fat cells will always be preserved during the procedure.

Zerona Laser

Zerona Laser therapy is your answer for the best fat loss laser treatment in South Burbank! This treatment provides body contouring and targets stubborn fat using low-level laser technology. Zerona Laser Treatment is accomplished by creating holes in fat cells to drain them and shrink them. A Zerona Laser treatment in South Burbank can be all yours when you work with the certified professionals at Soul Body Studio!


Fiber Plasma

Plasma fibroblast treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, acne pitting, and other skin afflictions you want to see gone.Proven procedure to tighten both upper and lower eye skin without having to do an invasive procedure with better results. South Burbank Fiber Plasma treatment has been provided by Soul Body Studio for years, and clients trust us when it comes to leaving their skin in great condition once more!

Electric Muscle Stimulation

An electric muscle stimulation service uses electric currents to stimulate muscles. Soul Body Studio is proud to provide this treatment for clients who wish to tone and improve muscle strength, along with a variety of other benefits.


Butt Lifts

Interested in a South Burbank butt lift treatment? Soul Body Studio is the go-to place for many South Burbank clients who wish to get a butt lift and enhance their natural curves. How do we complete a butt lift service in South Burbank? Using EMS+ energy, we stimulate the muscles that aren’t reached in a typical workout (no matter how many squats are done). A Soul Body Studio butt lift service aids in promoting muscle growth.


Soul Body Studio Treatment Benefits

You’ve learned about the treatments Soul Body Studio has to offer, so what do further benefits for each treatment entail? Here are some of the benefits each treatment offers, so you can learn which one may be the right pick for you:

Cryo T-Shock Treatment

  • Non-invasive and with minimal discomfort
  • Can get rid of cellulite, cellulite removal service in South Burbank
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Can tighten skin

Zerona Laser Treatment

  • Non-invasive fat loss treatment
  • Boosts body confidence
  • Lower high cholesterol by fat loss
  • Contours and sculpts the body

Fiber Plasma

  • Plasma fibroblast can remove brown spots
  • Works as an acne scarring treatment to remove acne scarring
  • Can tighten loose skin
  • Can tighten eyelids (both upper and lower)

Electric Muscle Stimulation

  • Can build muscle strength, even in trained athletes
  • Enhances athletic performance and output
  • Tones the body and improves confidence
  • improve aerobic capacity (meaning your muscles get oxygen, blood, and much needed nutrients easier) which is helpful during recovery from exercise

Butt Lift

  • Adds definition to the butt via muscle growth
  • Takes advantage of natural curves and improves body’s distribution
  • Reduces the impact of aging on your butt
  • Improves your confidence and allows you to gain a youthful appearance

With every one of our treatments, Soul Body Studio looks to provide clients with a boost in their confidence, body image, and the appearance of a more sculpted and toned frame! Each treatment has unique benefits, so you can be reassured you are getting very real results. See for yourself why South Burbank customers turn to our body studio when it comes to getting unmatched safe and non-invasive procedures done. We look forward to helping you achieve the body you’ve been wanting without the need for a long and painful surgical procedure. With our treatments, you can get started on enjoying your new fit body right away!

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If you are looking for an acne scarring treatment in South Burbank to get rid of acne scarring, Cryo T-Shock Treatment in South Burbank, or any other treatment to aid in fat loss and sculpting of any area of the body, Soul Body Studio has got you covered. We are a dedicated professional body studio that is committed to bringing clients the body they want without surgery! Don’t delay, and take a safe and modern path toward the body you want without expensive surgical procedures! At Soul Body Studio, we work to enhance and accentuate your body, allowing you to enjoy the benefits to your appearance and your health!

Get real results that you won’t want to wait to show off! Contact the expert team at Soul Body Studio now to learn more about the South Burbank treatments we offer!