Non-surgical, Low-level Laser Procedures in Pasadena, CA


Body Sculpting, Face/Neck Toning, Skin Tightening, Fat Freezing & Cellulite Reduction

Zerona Laser

Reduce the Liquid Inside
of the Fat Cells

Fiber Plasma

Reduces Fines Lines, Wrinkles & Scars, & Tighten Skin Around Eyes

Butt Lifts

Augment the Size & Shape without Implants

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Target and Enhance Specific muscle groups within

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    What We Do

    Our studio is dedicated to sculpting the body you’ve always dreamed of. Our goal is to help you reduce fat in unwanted areas, as well as tone and define your body and face. Our non-surgical, low-level laser procedures are proven to safely shrink fat cells in any area you choose to target. Allowing you to tone, define, and sculpt your waist, thighs, calves and stomach. We also specialize in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Our method is painless and requires no surgery, no downtime and is a much safer and healthier alternative.

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    Before & After Results

    Just look at the difference! Go from flabby to firm. Discover what kind of results you can achieve!

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